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We’re Still at War, brochure book

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The graphic novel We’re Still at War will prove as fascinating to comic book fans as it will to those interested in
the recent past, in WWII and what followed. Telling the stories of real people and their struggles under
totalitarianism, the narratives are as dierse as life itself – depicting victories and defeats, acts of weakness and

Subjected to the destructive power of a totalitarian regime, the heroes of We’re Still at War sacrificed everything
to help someone else. The Communist regimes in Europe collapsed a little more than a quarter of a century ago,
but the rising level of extremism today makes these examples of altruism and memories of humanity as
important as ever.

This publication teams thirteen of the top Czech and Slovak artists with thirteen victims of totalitarianism (Nazi
and Communist) to tell their stories in the form of comics, helping to open these stories of our troubled past up
to a broader audience and to present History in an engaging way – to younger generations who didn’t experience
totalitarianism, as well as to those who witnessed it on either side of the Iron Curtain.

Téma 2. světová válka, česko-německé vztahy, historie, holokaust, normalizace, občanská statečnost, odsun Němců po r. 1945